DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

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DreamCatchers Hair Care

Washing and Styling

You must follow the directions provided to you by your certified stylist and use only products approved by your certified stylist in order to prevent damage to the Dream Catchers Extensions and your own hair. We suggest our own wet hair care line. Take advantage of the free gift set which includes a sample of everything we offer.

DO NOT wash or blow dry your hair upside down as this may cause tangling.


Serious damage may be caused to your Dream Catchers Extensions and to your own hair by chemical treatments at home, or by hairdressers not thoroughly familiar with Dream Catchers. This is because color or perming chemicals may be trapped in the attachment cylinders, where they can continue to affect and possibly damage the Dream Catchers Extensions or your own hair. All chemical treatments of your own hair should be carried out at a certified stylist studio. The range of color changes possible with Dream Catchers Hair Extensions is limited by certain chemical factors understood only by your professional certified hairdresser.


Hairdressers not familiar with Dream Catchers Extensions may damage it by cutting it too short or by using the incorrect technique. Before having your hair and Dream Catchers Extensions cut by a hairdresser who is not a Certified Dream Catchers Stylist, you must ask that they contact your Certified Dream Catchers Stylist.

Maintenance Program

As your hair grows, the cylinders attaching the Dream Catchers Extensions will move further away from your scalp along with your own hair. This can increase the traction on your own hair. Therefore, it is necessary for you to return to your certified stylist every 4 to 6 weeks, or as advised by your stylist. The reason is to have the attachment cylinders returned to or replaced to their original positions. Failure to do this may result in tangling and/or loss of some of your own hair.

Brushing Technique

Extra care must be taken when brushing the hair to avoid dragging (pulling) the cylinder attachments. Remember when brushing to initially start from the tips working upwards.


When swimming it is advisable to plait your Dream Catchers Extensions as this will prevent knotting. Always remember to rinse the chlorine or saltwater out of your Dream Catchers Extensions after swimming and apply a good conditioner or detangling spray.


It is advisable to loosely plait your hair or place in a pony tail when sleeping. We recommend you make extensive use of your complimentary silk pillow case provided. This smooth silky surface is non-abrasive and will assist in taking care of your Dream Catchers Extensions while sleeping.